Why Tile?

Homeowners have many choices when it comes to floor and wall covering options. Tile products offer the unmatched value and durability that craftsman, engineers and construction professionals have been attracted to for millennia. Today’s products combine this utilitarian pragmatism with the unmatched design versatility that artisans, designers and discriminating homeowners demand.

Designing with tile coverings offers the widest arrange of possibilities available. Tile products are available in an unmatched array of materials. Ceramic, stone, metal, glass, wood, pebbles and more can be utilized to maximize any design project. Sizes range from today’s popular very large format 36in x 60in to tiny 1/4in mosaics and everything in between. These materials and sizes can be cut and shaped using state of the art laser water jetting technology. They can be combined to offer an assortment of possibilities customized to any design scenario. At Southeastern Tile Connection our designers can help you take this avalanche of possibilities and focus them to make your particular design concept a reality.

The value added to a home or any construction project by using tile is unrivaled by any other covering. The expected life of a tile installation is 30 years. Unlike other products (wood, vinyl, carpet) the maintenance after installation is extremely low. When tile is combined with modern setting products and techniques such as advanced grouts and liquid applied waterproofing and crack isolation membranes the cost of maintenance approaches zero. This means the initial cost is spread across the lifetime of the product and the cost/year is significantly lower than even cheaply installed products such as carpet and vinyl. The staff at Southeastern Tile Connection will make sure you find a product that fills all your budget needs.

When considering a project there are other concerns besides cost and aesthetics. The health concerns and environmental impact of the products and methods used are important considerations. Tile is inherently VOC free, hypoallergenic and contributes to overall indoor air quality improvement. Because it is impervious to moisture tile will not encourage mold and mildew growth when used in wet areas or areas prone to humidity and condensation. The manufacturing of ceramic tile produces very little carbon emissions. Modern tile factories are very sensitive to environmental concerns and recycle and reuse a large percentage of the material used in the production process. There are several products available that are composed entirely or partially of recycled content. Southeastern Tile Connection is committed to promoting and providing products that contribute to the health and safety of our customers and our community.

Tile is the best choice for any project for many reasons, its versatility is unparalleled. Every project is different and every customer is different. It is our mission at Southeastern Tile Connection to ensure that the expectations of every one of our clients and our community is met and exceeded.