Why Commercial Contractors Benefit From Working With A Tile Warehouse 02.07.19

There are a ton of benefits in using tile in outfitting a space. This is why contractors many times use tile as a go-to strategy during projects. When planning out a project, the tile planning and selection process can become a major topic of discussion, as it can really make or break how the space turns out in the end. With so many options on the market, it can make the process overwhelming without the right guidance.

At Southeastern Tile Connection, we want to help contractors down the right path to making their project quick, affordable, and unforgettable. We’ve outlined 5 reasons why working with a Tile Warehouse like Southeastern Tile will expedite your tile project and give you the beautiful look you’re after with your space.

Global Selection

There are countless styles of tiles out there. From material, colors, patterns, the options are limitless. So you wouldn’t want to find yourself with a small selection to choose from. Tile warehouses, like Southeastern Tile, bring in tiles from all over the globe, which gives you the ability to find the perfect tile for your project, regardless of the look you’re going for.

Interior Designers

With all of the options available, it can be difficult to understand what tiles, colors, and patterns work best with different elements of a space. That’s why we have experienced interior designers that can work with you on designing out your space and picking out tiles that compliments the overall look. We’ll help you pull together the perfect tile selections that will give your space the unique and polished finish you’re going for.

Custom Order Tiles

If the selection you’re looking for isn’t readily available, we have the resource to get the tile you need. We can custom order the tiles for your project so you don’t have to compromise to what’s only available in the store. With endless options, it’s nice to have the ability to tap into all the options to build the perfect space.

Large Physical Display

When picking out tile, nothing beats seeing it in person. The way the color vibrates and the way the light shines off the finish is not repeatable through a picture. Tile warehouses like Southeastern Tile Connection give you the ability to see the tile in person which allows you to truly envision how it will look in your space.

Quality Service

To top it off, working with Southeastern Tile, you’re going to get top-notch service that you won’t get anywhere else. Our team has decades of experience with tile and the resources to make sure you hit your project goals. Our customer service members, design experts, and logistics team all pull together to give you the best experience possible when shopping for tile.

So the next time you’re ready to use tile in your project, make sure to stop by our showroom and get a taste of the Southeastern Tile experience. If you have a project you’re working, feel free to give us a call at (910) 799-5565.

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