Bullnose trim refers to the pieces used to finish a tile edge that does not terminate in a wall and is left with the unfished edge exposed. The pieces are typically rounded and may be the same size as the … Continue reading

Ceramic and porcelain tiles don’t require sealing. Cementitious grouts and natural stone products benefit from an application of penetrating sealer after installation. See Care and Maintenance for more information.

Porcelain is a classification of ceramic tile. True porcelain is composed of porcelain grade clays fired to extremely high temperatures (2100-2500 deg F). This process creates a very hard, dense product with a very low water absorption rate (< 0.5%). … Continue reading

Bring any materials that you will be coordinating with your tile covering. This usually includes adjoining surfaces such as paint and wallpaper, possibly exterior siding or brick. If the installation is for a bathroom or kitchen, samples of counter surfaces … Continue reading