2019 Summer Tile Trends 05.06.19

It’s 2019 and if you’re still picking up bland tiles from lowes or home depot you’re not doing you or your home justice.

Remodeling your home to be up-to-date with current trends can not only make your home more lively to live in. The fact is, it can also increase your home’s resell value when you go to sell it in the future.

At Southeastern Tile in Wilmington, NC we import tiles from designers and manufacturers from all around the world so your home remodeling project can get the design flair it deserves.

But where to start? There are many different categories of tile and if you’re looking to spruce up a bathroom or kitchen you can be overwhelmed with all the options.

So here are a few Summer 2019 Tile trends to help you get started!

1. Bold Colors
In the years 2017 and 2018 “modern” tiles we’re about all minimalism, there were simple white tiles with some texture and sleek onyx black tiles. Not anymore, this year (and this summer) it’s all about color! We’ve seen a shift in demand for bright colors and vibrant shapes, see our example below.

2. Mirrored tiles
If your remodeling goal is to create an eye-catching room mirrored tiles can help you achieve that look. There are a few variations in the texture, shape, and design in the different mirrored tiles, but, if the tile reflects an image then it qualifies. This is a great addition to any bathroom and powder station and if you couple it with an actual mirror it makes any room look much bigger than it actually is

3. Geometric Tiles & Pattern Play
Tiles with geometric patterns in them, when installed properly, can make your wall or floor look art on a big canvas. Finding the right pattern and color to go with your style and project idea is key. If you need any assistance our team full of experienced interior designers would be happy to help!

Here at Southeastern Tile, we specialize in one-to-one projects where meeting your design goals are the focus. Our experienced, on-hand designers can help bring idea and dream to life. Contact us today at (910) 799-5565 to get your project started!

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